Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Super Bowl Ad Round-up

Here's our final word on the Super Bowl ads.

First, this was our favorite ad because it combined one of our favorite plays, with the sound of a shuttle launch - a favorite thing in life, with a favorite song. You couldn't really ask for more.

And, of course, the Tebow ad.

Little did we all know that Betty White would also be taking a hit for Tebow, metaphorically speaking, of course.

The Doritos ad

And click here for a good read on N.O.W. and their reaction to all the Super Bowl ads. Excerpt below.

I don't have a problem with feminism.

But I do have a problem with stupidity. I have a problem with mindless, lockstep adherence to a political stance. And I have a problem with logical inconsistency. So when NOW can't see beyond Tim Tebow's devout faith or his pro-life beliefs or his connection to an organization they hate -- and when this hysterical myopia makes them blind to advertising that is far more offensive to women -- then I have trouble taking NOW's version of capital-F Feminism seriously.

I'm not alone. Even among feminists.

Otherwise, I have to conclude that being a feminist means being OK with objectifying women, and devaluing women, and denigrating women -- as long as you complain long and loud when a woman uses her freedom of choice to have a successful, well-rounded son who makes a choice to appear alongside his mother, whom he clearly loves, in an ad promoting a devilish, hateful message that can be summed up this way:

Celebrate family. Celebrate life.

Grrrrrr. I thought feminism was a good thing. I guess I'm wrong. Because you know what? I kinda like family. I'm also a fan of life. And Tim Tebow comes across as a goofball, but I sorta like him, too.

And I hope my daughter grows up to celebrate things like family and life, in a world that does not place limits on what she might want to be and accomplish.

She is worth more than a tire. She is more than a body. She is interesting enough to miss a football game for. If she grows up to be confident enough and smart enough to make hard decisions and live with the consequences -- like a certain Mrs. Tebow -- then I'll be proud, regardless of her politics or stance on social issues.

I'll be a happy, satisfied dad. But I guess I won't be a the NOW brand of Feminist, because you know why?

They don't hold women in high-enough esteem for me.

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