Sunday, February 28, 2010

Tebow Performs well at the NFL Combine

Tim Tebow had an impressive day the NFL Combine. Below are the results.

40 yd dash

Brown, Jarrett4.54
LeFevour, Dan4.66
Robinson, Zac4.71
Tebow, Tim 4.72
McCoy, Colt 4.79
Lewis, Thaddeus4.84
Skelton, John4.85
Hall, Max4.87

Vertical Jump

Tebow, Tim 38.5
Robinson, Zac35.0
Brown, Jarrett34.5
Skelton, John33.5
Snead, Jevan33.0
Hiller, Tim32.5
Hall, Max32.0
Kafka, Mike 32.0

*Ties the record for a QB with Josh McCown.
* Michael Vick posted a 38-inch vertical at the combine in 2001.

Broad Jump

Hiller, Tim9'10"
Tebow, Tim 9'7"
Brown, Jarrett9'6"
McCoy, Colt 9'6"
Kafka, Mike 9'2"
Robinson, Zac9'2"
LeFevour, Dan9'2"
Pike, Tony9'0"
Skelton, John9'0"

3-Cone Drill

Tebow, Tim 6.66
LeFevour, Dan6.93
Kafka, Mike 6.96
Skinner, Riley7.04
Pike, Tony7.06
Brown, Levi7.07
Hall, Max7.07

* Third best time of QBs, TEs, and WRs overall.

60 yd shuttle

Tebow, Tim 11.27
Kafka, Mike 11.79
Canfield, Sean11.89
Brown, Jarrett11.91

* Third best time of QBs, TEs, and WRs overall.

Tebow also was impressive during his interviews.

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