Friday, February 5, 2010

Tebow at Gatorade Performance Lab

2:45 - Tebow live at Gatorade Performance Lab.
(And even Tebow can't make a cpap machine look good)

Fan questions:

Do you watch the Office? - Sometimes
Will you home school your children? - no discernible answer
Do you listen to country music? - All the time.
Do you play any other sports? - tennis, baseball, basketball, golf.
Do you like to be called Timmy? - Sometimes. Family calls him Timmy
Do you read alot? - Yes. Books and magazines
Will he be going to the Philippines? - Is planning on it
Which quarter will we know who will win the Super Bowl? - 4th Qt.
Would you be ready for the combine if it was tomorrow? - yes
Can your brothers beat you up? - Robby answers with an emphatic yes. Peter says that he'd win because he wouldn't fight fair.
Do you have a girlfriend? no.
Is it a good idea to make statues of Heisman winners at UF? Could be.
Favorite pre-game song? Sinatra - Send in the Clowns (he seemed serious too)
Do you sing in the shower? - Yes.
Will your Foundation venture to NY? Hopefully.
What is the best advice to be an athlete - To be a good athlete, work hard. You gotta work hard, because hard work can beat talent if talent doesn't work hard...

@Gatorade All information for our testers are confidential to them.

And let's face it, we're all Jeff (the guy from the Miami Herald riding opposite Tebow)

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