Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tebow Autograph Sessions Clarification

Over at the TimTeblog there was quite a response to the news of Tim Tebow's first public autograph session. Fans were very mixed in their feelings toward the news and the prices for photographs and autographs. Palm Beach Autographs posted a reply to the comments, and it is below. To see the full post and comments, click here.

I'm writing on behalf of Palm Beach Autographs to join the discussion. I've read all your concerns and frustrations through this comment thread and want to address them for everyone.

Our entire team is made up of UF graduates, and we care deeply about the Gator Nation. We work extremely hard to bring public signings to the fans because we know how much fun it is to connect with the players we cheer for all season long.

Over the past years, we've spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to have almost every graduating member of both National Championship Football & Basketball teams make public appearances. Of all the aspects of our business, this is by far the most fun for us. It takes quite a significant amount of resources to pull these together, but we think it's worth it. We are fans just like you. We grew up going to autograph signings, Gator games, and trying to meet the players off the field if we were lucky.

As you can imagine, not all players have the same going rate to appear for these events. It turns out we weren't the only memorabilia guys who had Tim in mind. A bidding war ensued with all the national corporations, and we were lucky enough that Tim chose us partly because we are all Gators. After hosting so many first-ever autograph appearances with great Gator players, you can only imagine how exciting it is having Tim Tebow join that list.

This will not only be a once-in-a-lifetime event, but will also help raise funds for a worthy cause. Both Tim Tebow and Palm Beach Autographs are donating a significant portion of the proceeds from this event to the Tim Tebow Foundation. More information about the foundation can be found at

We understand that this economy is an especially tough time. We wish we were able to fully accommodate every fan. The cost of Tim Tebow to appear is MUCH higher than any player we've ever had, and that is evident in the ticket price. The end price of autograph tickets is strictly a function of our cost to bring the athlete. We pay him per autograph, as well as each additional "upgrade" (inscriptions, photos, etc.) Please know that we have not added these to 'get rich' or nickel & dime fans.

One of the options that customers have is to purchase a photo ticket for $75. We wanted to give fans who aren’t necessarily interested in autographs a less expensive, exciting opportunity to meet Tim. We have hired a professional photographer to shoot a posed photo with your family and Tim and his Heisman Trophy.

Brooke - we understand your frustration in the pre-NFL high prices fully. Please know that his rate is a result of market demand, not his NFL field statistics. It's because we all love him so much as fans that his marketability has driven through the roof...along with the cost of his time. Also, this event is NOT at all for eBayers or resellers. It's strictly intended for fans.

Marria - He's still the incredible person he's always been, so don't give up on him!! All players go through endorsement deals, sponsorships, memorabilia contracts, etc. This is why we love college football more :)

Colleen - Try not to be disappointed in Tim. He's a great guy who is really excited about coming to these events and will light up to meet each one of you.

If you've ever been to any of our events, you know how much fun they are and can only imagine how exciting Tim's will be. We hope this gives more clarity about why the prices are at this level, and also shows you that we care about your opinions. Our customers and fans are what keep us going, and we hope that you will join us as we welcome the greatest collegiate athlete of all time back to Jacksonville.

We're always available to answer any of your questions or concerns. Just give us a call or email us. Visit our site for contact info -

Go Gators!!!

For more info on the two autograph sessions, and to purchase a ticket, click on either photo below.

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