Friday, February 26, 2010

Tebow to address national press today

Pat Dooley, like much of the Gator Nation, is anxious to see how the NFL and national media greet Tim Tebow at his first pro press conference today.

They're ready for him.

The media members who cover the NFL (a.k.a. The King) are almost 700 strong at the NFL Combine and they're ready for Friday when the face of college football for the last three years has his first big-boy news conference.

And they're ready.

You think his throwing motion received criticism, imagine what will happen if he dangles a participle in front of the NFL media.

"That's not good enough for the NFL, college boy."

They have no idea what they're going to get, the charm and courtesy, the honesty and the big grin. This is serious stuff now for the new Tim Tebow. Endorsements are on the line.

What I hope these men and women — who have been weathered by suspicious coaches and jaded players — hear today is the Tim Tebow that made so many in the Gator Nation fall in love with him. Because one thing that made Tebow what he was in college was that he was always himself.

What he wasn't was a slick, polished cover of a magazine giving cliched answers to cliched questions. In college he was guided by UF's Sports Information Department. Now he's being handled like any valuable commodity. He had to let media members know in Daytona that there were certain questions he couldn't answer. And then he sent his brother to the media boys to apologize.

Typical Timmy.

Hopefully, the college Timmy shows up here at Lucas Oil Stadium.

Maybe he'll even give them a "God bless."

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