Monday, February 22, 2010

Tebow turns 1!

You may, or may not, have heard the story of the Auburn couple in Chattanooga who named their second son Tebow, after Tim Tebow. Well, they did, and Tebow turned one on Friday. His brother, Buckminster Fuller, is no doubt proud as well. With children named after the architect who invented the Geodesic dome and Tim Tebow, we like the Crumleys, War Damn Eagles and all.

Like our first son, I wanted a name that communicated the quality of person I hope he grows up to be. To this end, I decided to name Son #2 after one of the finest role models of our age – Tim Tebow. If you don’t know who Tim Tebow is, don’t admit this fact to anyone. Just smile, nod your head, and pretend you’re in awe of both his athleticism and his stellar humanitarian reputation (trust me, you’ll seem smarter).

Now, I did use a family name for his middle name. Sanford, is Alli’s Dad’s middle name and makes a nice balance to his somewhat “out-there” first name. And, compared to “Buckminster Fuller”, a lot of names seem “normal”.

So, our hope for Tebow Sanford Crumley is that he lives an honorable life, following in the footsteps of the two men he’s named after; ultimately becoming a role model to others, himself.

UPDATE: A growing number of folks have pointed out that Tim Tebow plays for Florida, not Auburn. To us, Tim Tebow’s greatness transcends Gator-nation. Even if he’d never played a down of football, he’d still be a heck of a guy. His stellar on-field accomplishments are really the icing on the cake. Also, Tim Tebow lost both times he played Auburn. And, assuming Auburn and Florida don’t meet in the SEC Championship game this year (a near-certainty, given Auburn’s current competitiveness), Auburn will be THE ONLY SEC team Tim Tebow never beat. So that makes it all OK.

And check out the post on Tebow the Tornado here.

Happy Birthday Tebow, and many happy returns!

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