Monday, February 1, 2010

Tebow's Philosophy for Success

Below are the three points that Tim Tebow stated are how he approaches life in his speech in West Virginia and also what he hopes his eventual legacy will be.

  • Take action
“It’s not the dreamers that are remembered, it’s the doers,” Tebow reminded the crowd. “Just having a dream doesn’t mean much if you don’t start at it. You have to take action. Everyday I try to do something to get better.
“One quote that I like is ‘hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard,’” Tebow added. “Hard work beats talent every time. You can win with hard work in any area of life, in sports, in business and in the classroom.”

  • Live with passion
“If you saw me play at the University of Florida, I hope and pray that you could say that I lived and played with passion,” Tebow said. “People follow passionate people. Living with passion is a choice. People want to be on a team with someone passionate. You want to do business with someone who is passionate. You’ll thrive because enthusiasm is contagious.”

  • Finish strong
“You need to finish what you start,” Tebow urged. “You can’t lose your passion or quit. No one wants to be around a quitter.
“Those three points are why I’ve been able to overcome the obstacles in my life. When people said I couldn’t, I did. And I will.”
“I’m trying to finish my dream of playing in the NFL,” Tebow said. “A lot of people are saying that I can’t do it. We’ll see. But I am going to take action, live with passion and finish strong. I’m going to do whatever it takes.”

  • On his future legacy and how he measures the legacy of another person
I hope that one day later on my career in about 20 or 30 years, I can leave the same type of impact that Mr. Justice has left with you all,” said Tebow. “Because I don’t usually judge somebody as much by meeting them in person. I judge them by looking at the people that he or she has impacted with their lives. By meeting literally hundreds of people already today, and seeing the kind of impact that Mr. Justice has had on this community, I think ‘Wow, that’s a challenge to me.’ I want to live up to that.

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