Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tim Tebow, Office Linebacker

As you all have probably heard, after N.O.W. saw the Tebow Super Bowl ad they abandoned the idea of calling the Tebows "anti-choice" and decided to sharpen their rhetoric by now claiming the Tebow ad insinuates "domestic violence" because Tim "tackled" his mom. (And we are so not linking to their nonsense.)

So we've decided to illustrate their absurdity by being absurd.

First, we discovered last Friday during Tim Tebow's Gatorade Lab Performance test that his brothers can still "beat him up." Robby Tebow rather confidently stated that he could take Tim by himself citing "older brother syndrome." Peter Tebow said in no uncertain terms that he could take Tim because he wouldn't fight "fair."

Then Sunday we found out that Tim isn't "nearly as tough" as his mom.

So what we want to know now is who would win the Tebow Family Celebrity Deathmatch?

Our money is on the family patriarch, Bob Tebow. Why? Because of the old adage "old age and treachery will overcome youth and talent." That, and well, we like throwing the word patriarch around for no real reason.

Oh, and if the NFL doesn't work out for Tim we'd like to suggest that he become the Office Linebacker for N.O.W. (and we'll let you guess why).

The only other question is who would be the better tackler, Tim Tebow or Terry Tate?

T2 vs. T2

You can vote here, courtesy of the Huffington Post. Really.

Let the games begin!

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