Monday, February 15, 2010

Vikings' VP of Personnel talks Tebow and McCoy

“We are in the process of all our meetings,” Spielman said. “We’ll evaluate any potential trades out there. We’ll look and see if there is anyone who gets cut. We’ll look and see what we have and re-evaluate where we are at with Sage and T-Jack. We’ll also evaluate this draft very closely – if there is a young, talented quarterback out there. I don’t expect we’ll see (Oklahoma’s) Sam Bradford(still on the board). I don’t know about (Notre Dame’s) Jimmy Clausen. We’re going to be looking at (Florida’s Tim) Tebow, (Texas’ Colt) McCoy – all those top quarterbacks – and if any of those guys have the potential to come in and help us, then we will definitely look at that in the draft as well.”

In short, the Favre Watch is still in its early stages and there is no real pressure to get something done now. Will that change in March when free agency begins? Will it change draft weekend in April? Possibly. But for now, the Vikings are likely staking their short-term future on the gut feeling of will Favre be back or won’t he? Guessing right on that question will likely be the key to what direction the Vikings go in the coming months. Guessin
g wrong could lead to problems that aren’t even on the horizon at this point.

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