Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What's the "answer" to Tebow's throwing motion?

So much is being said and written this week on why didn't Urban Meyer and the Gator coaching staff do more to prepare Tim Tebow for the NFL. Even when there is no Tebow news, Gators and Gator Haters, are still jonesing for some Tebow action. They'll even find/make up something to talk about. Below is Mike Bianchi's take on the whole Urban let Tebow down meme. If you want to spike a similar conversation, Bianchi has the answer for you.

It was one of the most amazing retorts in the history of sports debates.

As I was chiding one of my Gator buddies earlier this week about the much-publicized extreme makeover of Tim Tebow's throwing motion by a posse of professional quarterback gurus, I asked sarcastically, "What have Urban Meyer and UF coaches been doing for the last four years?"

His reply: "Winning two nationals, three bowl games and a Heisman Trophy."

Game over.

The ultimate argument-ender.


"People ask are you working to get ready for the NFL, and my answer is absolutely no," Tebow said during the summer between his junior and senior seasons at UF. "I'm working to be the best quarterback, leader and best teammate I can be for the Florida Gators. And I'm working to be the best winner I can be for the Florida Gators."

Smart decision.

Full story here.

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