Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Gator Nation is Everywhere Recap

Steve Mesler will speak at UF on Thursday at 10 am at the Florida Gym

Erin Andrews did the Gator Chomp on Dancing with the Stars

and last, but not least,

Middle school students from NYC learn the value of being a "GATOR" and not being Gator "BAIT"

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The Gator Nation: Harlem

Middle School students from Roberto Clemente Middle School in Harlem, N.Y. are visiting the University of Florida this week because they were inspired by their math teacher, Keith Robinson - a UF alum, when he showed them Tebow's Promise speech.

You can read their story here, but have a look at what "Being a Gator" and "Not Gator Bait" means to them:


and Not Gator

B-ad Attitude

And how great is it that they named their classroom "The Swamp"?

The Gator Nation is everywhere. Go Gators!

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Gator Olympian to speak at UF Thursday

Steve Mesler, an Olympic gold medalist and graduate of the University of Florida College of Health and Human Performance, will speak on campus Thursday at 10 a.m. in the Florida Gym.

Full details here.

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Eye Black Challenger - David Nelson

David Nelson may have improved his draft stock during the Gators' Pro Day. Below is an excerpt of the story, but few people remember or realize David Nelson's community service and charitable work as a Gator.

While reporters, scouts, coaches and general managers asked themselves and others for their impressions of Tim Tebow's revamped throwing motion, Brandon Spikes' 40-yard dash time and the oh-my-gosh 30 reps of 225 pounds Aaron Hernandez lifted at Florida's Pro Day on March 17, David Nelson stood nearby quietly taking in everything.

The former Gator receiver was a happy man, one who had gone from a definite free-agent signee by an NFL team to a potential late-round pick in April's draft in less than four-and-a-half seconds.

"I feel really confident about my (workout)," Nelson said. "A lot of coaches, a lot of scouts came up to me and told me I did a great job. It's a good feeling to know all my hard work the last couple of months paid off."

Nelson said his goal was to "have fun" and not let performing in front of big-name NFL types like Mike Holmgren, Raheem Morris, Eric Mangini, Mike Tomlin and John Fox intimidate him.

The 6-foot-5, 212-pound wideout from Wichita Falls, Texas said he was told by scouts they expected him to run a 40 in the 4.6s. And then he clocked a 4.47 on the wet grass at The Swamp.

"I got the time I thought I would," said Nelson, who had 25 receptions for 291 yards and two touchdowns as a senior. "I have been working hard with trainers to get in the 4.4 range, and that's what I got."

Nelson, who lifted 225 pounds 16 times, said he also got positive feedback from teams for his 38-inch vertical leap, his 10-4.5 broad jump and the crispness of the routes he ran for Tebow at the end of the workout.

And because it never gets old:

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Erin Andrews does the Gator Chomp on DWTS

At the 5:20 mark:

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Tebow to visit the Redskins next week

From the Redskins Insider:

The Redskins saw Tim Tebow at the Senior Bowl. They saw him at the NFL Scouting Combine. They saw him during a private workout 1 1/2 weeks ago in Gainesville, Fla. And they'll see him again next week.

Tebow is scheduled to visit with the team next week in Ashburn, according to ESPN's Adam Schefter.

It's probably not worth reading too much into this. Each team is allowed to bring in 30 draft prospects for a visit. Sometimes teams select guys in the draft that they didn't even bother bringing in. With all signs pointing toward the Redskins taking a quarterback with one of their top two picks, it only makes sense that they do their due diligence with each quarterback.

There's so much subterfuge and misdirection associated with the draft that often teams simply want the rest of the league to think they're high on a particular player. For example, when Shanahan openly praised Tebow during the owners meetings last week, the first thought many had was: Guess he's not going after Tebow.

By all accounts, Tebow is wowing teams in his personal meetings and many analysts -- including Sports Illustrated's Peter King -- think he's clawed his way into the first round.

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2 Corinthians 4:16

2 Cor 4:16 Therefore we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day.

2Cor 4:16 Por tanto, no desmayamos; Más bien, aunque se va desgastando nuestro hombre exterior, el interior, sin embargo, se va renovando de Día en Día.

2 Cor 4:16 Por isso não desfalecemos; mas ainda que o nosso homem exterior se esteja consumindo, o interior, contudo, se renova de dia em dia.

2 Cor 4:16 所以,我们并不沮丧,我们外面的人虽然渐渐朽坏,但里面的人却日日更新,

2 Cor 4:16 ですから、私たちは決して落胆しません。 肉体はしだいに衰えますが、うちにある力は日ごとに強くなってゆきます

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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bills Coach Chan Gailey impressed by Tebow

Buffalo Bills coach Chan Gailey said he was impressed when he met Tim Tebow yesterday at the team facility in Orchard Park.

I think it’s obvious to everyone he’s a an engaging young man,” Gailey said today. “He’s an intelligent football player and I really enjoyed the short time I had with him talking about football, talking about life, and just what he’s all about. “You can see why he was an excellent leader at the University of Florida and I think he’s well ahead of a lot of people and headed toward a good career in the NFL.”

Whether that career will begin in Buffalo, Gailey wouldn’t say, but it would seem that Gailey is uncertain about the 2007 Heisman Trophy winner’s ability to play quarterback in the NFL.

Full story here.

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Tebow visits the Patriots

Love the sparse and to the point reporting (especially naming the restaurant):

University of Florida quarterback Tim Tebow visited the New England Patriots on Monday night, having dinner with Patriots coach Bill Belichick and scouting executive Nick Caserio at a Boston restaurant, according to the Boston Herald.

Per the report, Tebow ate a restaurant called Tresca owner by hockey legend Ray Borque. No word yet on what the Heisman Trophy winner had for dinner.

The Patriots have been complimentary of Tebow.

For what this may mean, check the TimTeblog. And here for Tresca's menu (courtesy the Pat's beat reporter Ian Rapport)

And a little "draft game" speculation here.

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More Photoshop Fun ... and EA Sports

There is more talk speculating that Tebow will be on the NCAA Football 11 cover.

(And notice the mention of Jeremy Fowler and Urban Meyer at the end of this story.)

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Palm Beach Autograph Signing Session Photos

The big story coming out of Tebow's Palm Beach autograph session was his helping a Gator propose to his girlfriend (and if you didn't hear about it, click here for the video).

But the happy couple weren't the only ones to enjoy themselves having their photo with Tebow. Below are a few of our favorite photos from the Palm Beach session ... and it wasn't only Tebow having all the fun this time.

(Check the lady's t-shirt: "My husband left me for this guy!")

Even though this woman seems unimpressed...

This was, apparently, the only woman saying "no" to a Tebow hug...

and you thought we were kidding.

And the dog gets the last laugh.

And to all the critics who have scoffed at the price tag, what seems like more fun? Having your photo with Tebow or taking the family to the movies? Seriously, having your photo with Tebow is cheaper and looks like a lot more fun (You know it's true, especially if you buy popcorn...).

There are currently no other sessions scheduled, but how about getting the guys at Palm Beach Autographs to work out a Tampa session in the future? If you're interested, let 'em know.

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Psalm 121: 8

Psalm 121:8 The LORD guards you as you come and go, now and forever.

Psalm 121:8 Jehovah Guardará tu salida y tu entrada, desde ahora y para siempre.

Psalm 121:8 O Senhor guardará a tua saída e a tua entrada, desde agora e para sempre.

Psalm 121:8 你出你入,耶和华要保护你,从现在直到永远。

Psalm 121:8 あなたの全生活を、神様は目に留め、援護してくださいます

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Monday, March 29, 2010

Happy Passover!

If you don't know about Passover, you can learn more here.

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Tim Tebow proposes before the Draft

Youtube description: This is Tim Tebow helping Ian Lis propose to his new fiance Sarah Springer in the middle of Tebow's first professional autograph session in South Florida in Palm Beach Gardens. Tebow had the ring for 45 minutes waiting for the couple to come up and take a photo with him and his Heisman Trophy. He was more than happy to help make the occasion one they will never forget. - MR

Congratulations to Gator Gymanstics on SEC Championship

Congratulations to Gator Gymnastics on their SEC Championship!

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Tebow to Buffalo?

Tebow is in Buffalo for a workout with the NY Buffalo Bills.

The Tim Tebow to Buffalo possibility has grown to the next level.

The former Heisman Trophy winner was in Buffalo Sunday for a visit, one which continues into today. Although Tebow is just one of several quarterback prospects the Bills have either visited with, talked to or saw work out, Tebow comes with the endorsement of the greatest quarterback the franchise has ever known.

Jim Kelly has made his desire for the Bills to draft Tebow no secret. He’s said repeatedly he thinks Tebow can be the leader to turn around an ailing franchise that’s went a decade without a playoff game, with the position he vacated being the primary reason.

He showed his fondness for Tebow Sunday evening as the Hall of Famer and future NFL quarterback were spotted together by several fans at the Buffalo Chop House restaurant in downtown Buffalo.

Full story here.

More here from ESPN.

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NFL Icon Watch: NFL Profile Video

First Draft: Tim Tebow


Tribute to Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow has changed college football. This page is a tribute to Tim and all of his accomplishments.

Will Tim Tebow play Quarterback in the NFL?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Not Sure

To vote, and see the various videos of Tebow career highlights, click here.

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Psalm 84:11

Psa 84:11 For the LORD God is a sun and shield; The LORD gives grace and glory; No good thing does He withhold from those who walk uprightly.

Psa 84:11 Porque sol y escudo es Jehovah Dios; gracia y gloria Dará Jehovah. No Privará del bien a los que andan en integridad.

Psa 84:11 Porquanto o Senhor Deus é sol e escudo; o Senhor dará graça e glória; não negará bem algum aos que andam na retidão.

Psa 84:11 因为耶和华 神是太阳,是盾牌,耶和华赐下恩惠和光荣;他没有留下一样好处,不给那些行为正直的人

Psa 84:11 神様は、私たちの光であり、守り手であるからです。 神様は恵みと栄光を下さる方であり、ご自分の道を歩む者に、良いものを出し渋ったりはなさいません

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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Palm Beach Autograph Signing Session

Click here for the story, and click the photo for more photos of the event.

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Coach Meyer apologizes to reporter

Just bear in mind Gators, this wouldn't be a story if the Gators weren't a preeminent football program.

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NFL Icon Watch

Hebrews 10:23

Hebrews 10:23 Let us hold fast the profession of our faith without wavering; for he is faithful that promised

Hebrews 10:23 Retengamos firme la Confesión de la esperanza sin Vacilación, porque fiel es el que lo ha prometido.

Hebrews 10:23 retenhamos inabalável a confissão da nossa esperança, porque fiel é aquele que fez a promessa;

Hebrews 10:23 又应该坚持我们所宣认的盼望,毫不动摇,因为那应许我们的是信实的。

Hebrews10:23 いま私たちは、神様が約束してくださった救いを、希望をいだいて待ち望むことができます。 今や私たちは、一点の疑いもなく、救いが確実であることを、だれにでも話せます。 神様のことばは、必ず実現するからです。

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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Weekend Recap

  • Remember, Tim Tebow is in Palm Beach today signing autographs. There will be a football toss, face painting, and even a "Tebow walk" in the style of the "Gator Walk." If you're in the area stop by and enjoy the fun even if you're not going to get something signed.

  • There was a tempest in a tea cup over Deonte Thompson's "real quarterback" quote regarding John Brantley and Tim Tebow. Before we all move on, this wouldn't have been news if Tim Tebow wasn't an enviable beast on the field and a good guy off, BUT it wouldn't be a story if Johnny B and the 2010 Gator football team wasn't a source of fear and awe for the rest of the SEC. Don't sweat it Gators.

  • Regarding the story that Bob Tebow thinks Tim will be drafted in the top 15 picks in the draft (and here too). Our gut tells us it was tongue in cheek, or somebody knows something. We'll all know on draft day.... does anyone else think that the "15" is an accurate appraisal? Is tongue-in-cheek? or just a favorite number?

  • Mike Florio and the "God Bless" police tire us out, God Bless 'em.

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Isaiah 60:20

Isaiah 60:20 The LORD will be your everlasting light, and your days of sadness will be over.

Isaiah 60:20 porque Jehovah Será luz eterna para ti, y los Días de tu duelo se Acabarán.

Isaiah 60:20 porque o Senhor será a tua luz perpétua, e acabados serão os dias do teu luto.

Isaiah 60:20 因为耶和华要作你永远的光,你悲哀的日子必要终止。

Isaiah 60:20 わたしが永遠の光となり、悲しみの日はことごとく終わるからだ

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Friday, March 26, 2010

Quote of the Day

“[Tebow] was a trooper,” Dodson said. “The only complaint he had the entire day was that his cheeks hurt from smiling too much.”

Tebow's next autograph signing session is tomorrow in Palm Beach and it has been unofficially been deemed "Tim Tebow Day."

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NFL Icon Watch: Mike Florio concerned about "Tebow worship"

As Gators who edit a blog on Tim Tebow we can tell you that people LOVE Tim Tebow, but "worship" Tebow ... get real.

How will Tebow earn the respect of his future NFL teammates? The same way he has earned the respect of his high school and college teammates, and his fans, and fans of opponents. Through hard work and decency.

Mr. Florio, please find a secular angle on Tim Tebow. If you need help, we'd like to recommend the Tim Teblog, because the more faith based aspects of Tebow's story seem to overwhelm you or over fascinate you.

Tim Tebow is good at being Tim Tebow. Just let him be himself and he'll work hard taking care of the rest.

One of the big questions regarding quarterback Tim Tebow is whether he'll face resistance or resentment in an NFL locker room and, if so, how he'll handle it.

It's an intriguing question, and as usual we've got an opinion on the topic.

We suppose we could write the opinions, but we need to justify our capacity to shoot videos by, you know, shooting videos. Besides, it keeps me shaving.

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Tebow's interview with Evan Cohen

Tebow talks with Evan Cohen about signing sessions, favorite wins versus loses, Urban Meyer and Deonte Thompson.

Click on the photo for the interview.

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