Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Anticipating Pro Day

Bucky Brooks' take from NFL.com

Will Tebow's revamped mechanics improve his status?

Tim Tebow's well-publicized makeover has created quite a stir in the scouting community, but will do little to impact his draft status across the league. Teams that were fond of Tebow prior to the change will remain enamored with him due to his extraordinary intangibles and leadership skills. On the other hand, teams that regard the former Heisman Trophy winner lightly will continue to have issues with his skills as a passer.

Although Tebow's decision to retool his throwing motion is commendable, it is unlikely that the transformation will be sustainable over the long haul. He enjoyed a stellar collegiate career playing the game with unconventional mechanics, and it will be hard for him to avoid reverting back to those old habits once he returns to game action.

At his best, Tebow is a dual-threat quarterback, excelling at making plays outside of the pocket in the Gators' spread offense. While he has occasionally made some throws to spark the team to victory in key moments, his strengths lie in his improvisational skills, toughness and competitiveness.

Though his passing skills were in obvious need of repair after watching him struggle during practices at the Senior Bowl, coaches and scouts who liked what they saw from Tebow throughout the course of his career will remain undaunted by his flaws. In their minds, he is the ultimate winner, who will find a way to have success in spite of his weaknesses.

It remains to be seen what kind of round value results from that assessment. Rest assured that Tebow's upcoming workout on Wednesday, during which he will unveil a new release, will have little impact on his draft status.

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