Monday, March 8, 2010

Gator in Iditarod

Former Gator, Thom Thurston will be in this year's Iditarod. Gainesville Sun excerpt below:

His dad would not let him have a dog when he was a kid, but Tom Thurston finally got his way.

Thurston, a University of Florida graduate in 1992, is now shooting for a top-30 finish in the Iditarod with 16 dogs on his team. Thurston admits: “maybe I've overcompensated.”

More than 50 mushers enter the Iditarod each year, and only a small percentage are from the Lower 48 states. Any team that completes the challenge receives the Iditarod Official Finishers belt buckle and a cash prize, but Thurston is focused on finishing with a healthy dog team.

It takes extraordinary skill and dedication to tolerate the cold and unforgiving intensity of the 1,000-plus mile trail. But Thurston, who majored in business, has already proven he can do it. He finished 44th in 2009 after 14 days on the trail.

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