Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Gator Pro Day at the Swamp

It was cold and drizzly at the Swamp this morning and after the rain stopped the temperature continued to drop. Despite the cold and the rain there was a sizable crowd to cheer on the Gators. We'll have more after Spring practice later today.

With his golden shoes Joe Haden improved his 40 yd dash to under a 4.4

Percy Harvin was on hand to cheer fellow Gators including Brandon Spikes

Coach Meyer (and he did coach Spring practice today too)

Long suffering fans waiting for Tebow to appear

The new throwing motion unveiled
Overall good. His motion is more compact and the only balls that
weren't on their mark were a little low.

Imagine trying to conduct an interview, or have a conversation, with the NFL network cameras following you wherever you went while kids and fans yell your name. Fun.

Tebow with Holmgren

Tebow and Mayock

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