Monday, March 1, 2010

Is Tebow spread too thin?

If you watch the Chosen One, Tebow's high school coach describes Tebow as being the kid you have to reign in. His father also talks about having to reign him in.

Then while at UF, Urban Meyer would have to kick him out of the film room at 10pm. You know, the same Urban Meyer that is adjusting his priorities because he did too much? Well, that Urban used to tell Tebow to go home and sleep.

Tim Tebow does have a weakness, ladies and gentleman, and that weakness is knowing when to stop. Or just say "no."

The Draft Insider has this peek behind the veil into what Tebow's schedule has been since leaving UF:
Recently there have been articles and video of Tim Tebow working hard in Tennessee on changing his throwing mechanics. We can tell you the entire process has been much more difficult than many are making it out to be. Several sources have told us the circus that followed Tebow around at the Senior Bowl traveled with him to Tennessee as he prepares for pre-draft workouts. It seems Tebow’s workouts have been interrupted daily for marketing meetings and appearances. One source told us Tebow has had to schedule his workouts around the plans of his marketing people. One such case just more than a week ago when the former Heisman Trophy winner was scheduled to appear at the Daytona 500 for an appearance on behalf of a sponsor. In order to get his necessary work in, Tebow started his workout just after 5AM the day he was scheduled to leave. There are camera’s following him around everywhere on the field and one wonders how the quarterback stays focused. All we’ve spoken with says there’s no questioning Tebow’s dedication as he does whatever is asked of him. The problem seems to be to many people, especially his marketing handlers, are asking way to much of him and the former Gator quarterback has been spread to thin. He won’t throw at the combine, which is a good thing to those who’ve viewed his workouts as Tebow is struggling getting accustomed to his new throwing form.

Ben Volin interviewed Kurt Hester, one of Tebow's coaches, last week who commented that working around his appearance schedule made scheduling work outs difficult:

Kurt Hester and the trainers and coaches at D1 Sports Training have a big problem with Tim Tebow’s work ethic.

“He just goes full-out all the time,” Hester said over the weekend. “His mentality is, ‘I’m going to throw it 80 yards,’ and I’m like, ‘No, we’re going to throw it 5.’ That’s maybe his only negative, that you have to rein him in a little bit.”

Tebow’s schedule has been hectic over the past couple of weeks, with trips to the Super Bowl, National Prayer Breakfast and Daytona 500. But he continues to put in 8-10 hour days with the staff at D1 in Nashville and his own quarterback coaches as he prepares for this week’s NFL Combine, which begins Thursday in Indianapolis.

Thanks to the use of private planes, Tebow was able to return to Nashville the same night as his appearances at the Super Bowl and Daytona 500.

“Working around all the meetings and all the stuff that has nothing to do with football, that’s been kind of rough,” said Hester, D1’s corporate director of training. “But he won’t quit. If I told him to get here at 3 in the morning, he’d get here at 3 in the morning.”

When Tebow said he would be willing to work 12-14 hours a day during his Combine interviews, he wasn't kidding.

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