Sunday, March 14, 2010

Meyer ready to go

Or so says Mike Bianchi ...

Raise your hands, Gator fans, Meyer is ready to roll

I’m no doctor, but Urban Meyer sure looked good to me after his much-publicized leave of absence. He looked rested. He laughed and joked and hugged Emmitt Smith and other ex-Gators at a fundraiser Friday night for former University of Florida player Darryl Perry.
And he declared himself rarin’ and ready to coach:
“I feel good and I’m ready to go,” Meyer said during a brief interview at the Marriott World Center.

Said former Gator and Meyer friend Jack Youngblood in an earlier interview: “Urban can’t wait to get back out there and coach.”

Meyer said he has taken some time off, went on a Nike vacation junket for college coaches in Hawaii and, yes, has been keeping up with the fervor regarding Tim Tebow’s NFL draft prospects.
Meyer scoffs at those who say Tebow needed to perform well at the NFL Scouting Combine or during next week’s individual workout in front of pro scouts in Gainesville.
“I think there’s too much emphasis on all that,” Meyer said. “Think about it: He’s the leading passer in the history of SEC, won 22 straight games and has won two national titles and the Heisman, and some people are saying, ‘I wonder if he can play in the pros.’ ”

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