Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mike Florio has a Tim Tebow "problem"

Move over McShay, Mike Florio has a beef with Tim Tebow.

Please believe us when we say that we see quite alot of "anti-Tebow" sentiment coming through the email inbox. Alot of it is fan ranting and snarky jokes, and for the most part, it is par for the course. But we are beginning to get the distinct feeling that Mike Florio has a Tim Tebow "problem."

McShay doesn't like Tebow's mechanics. Fine. He's got a point. But Florio who was mad and devoted much space to a story that Tebow said "God Bless" too much is now floating a story that Tebow offered to say a prayer before taking the Wonderlic test and was told to "shut up" (and we've cleaned it up).

Yes, it's a slow news cycle, especially for football reporting, but really Florio? There's nothing better to report on than a "story" that seems to have only a smattering of plausibility. Yes, Tebow prays, but anyone who has followed Tebow over any amount of time knows that he doesn't force his beliefs on anyone, or his prayers. He doesn't have to because everyone knows what they are. That, Mr. Florio, is the difference.

Seriously, go write a story on Myron Rolle's workouts leading up to the draft. Or the Autistic kid who has a perfect bracket right now. Because, otherwise, you are beginning to look like a bitter old man who is chasing any "story" that might serve your own agenda. And that agenda is beginning to look transparent as well.

And by the way, before you start casting aspersions at Florida beat writers again, even though they work for say, the Palm Beach Post or the Miami Herald, they actually live in Gainesville. We have that new fangled thing called the internet down here along with a notion of what an actual story is too.

And, sorry, but we're just not buying "Per a league source" either. Get a real source or "shut up" yourself.

Follow up on the story here.

BYU QB refutes the story here.

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