Friday, March 12, 2010

NFL Icon Watch: Method Men

Why has Tim Tebow, and his throwing motion - and his work outs - and his coaches - and his non-girlfriends - and his mission trips - and him walking down the street, been so scrutinized? Because when you put "Tebow" in a story it draws internet traffic, and ad clicks, and revenue.

But it is hard to generate story after story on Tebow that is truly interesting. So very quickly stories begin to focus on minutiae, and nitpicking, and the irrelevant, and then even make-believe.

Whether you like him or not, Tebow sells. Why? Because Tebow is a genuinely intriguing figure in what is becoming a wasteland of sports figures and celebrities with sordid, messed up lives. Celebrity wreckage and scandal has become dime a dozen. For something completely different you have Tim Tebow.

You may love Tebow for his refreshingly lack of scandal, or you may hate him for it and think he's a goody goody. But either way, millions of spectators will be checking in again tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow, to see if there is any new news about him, however trivial it may be.

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