Friday, March 26, 2010

NFL Icon Watch: Mike Florio concerned about "Tebow worship"

As Gators who edit a blog on Tim Tebow we can tell you that people LOVE Tim Tebow, but "worship" Tebow ... get real.

How will Tebow earn the respect of his future NFL teammates? The same way he has earned the respect of his high school and college teammates, and his fans, and fans of opponents. Through hard work and decency.

Mr. Florio, please find a secular angle on Tim Tebow. If you need help, we'd like to recommend the Tim Teblog, because the more faith based aspects of Tebow's story seem to overwhelm you or over fascinate you.

Tim Tebow is good at being Tim Tebow. Just let him be himself and he'll work hard taking care of the rest.

One of the big questions regarding quarterback Tim Tebow is whether he'll face resistance or resentment in an NFL locker room and, if so, how he'll handle it.

It's an intriguing question, and as usual we've got an opinion on the topic.

We suppose we could write the opinions, but we need to justify our capacity to shoot videos by, you know, shooting videos. Besides, it keeps me shaving.

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