Wednesday, March 17, 2010

NFL Icon Watch: Tebow invited to the NFL Draft

Despite being projected being a second or even third round draft pick, the NFL has invited Tebow to attend the draft in NYC in April.

On the heels of an impressive workout at Florida's pro day, league sources say that Tim Tebow is among those players who have been invited to New York for the April 22-24 NFL draft.

Tebow, who unveiled his new throwing motion for scouts, coaches and general managers in his workout, has accepted the invitation from the league, according to an official. Two NFL personnel men told ESPN that Tebow's workout on Wednesday boded well for the Gators quarterback, especially with those teams that were considering him as a high draft prospect.

The league did not release the entire list of players invited, though it is expected to include at least four quarterbacks -- Tebow, Oklahoma's Sam Bradford, Notre Dame's Jimmy Clausen and Texas' Colt McCoy.

The league traditionally invites players who are projected to go in the first round. A league official said that even though Tebow could be a first-round selection, the new three-day draft format also motivated the NFL to double its invitation list from nine players in 2009 to 18 at next month's draft.

Tebow has yet to accept the invitation.

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