Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Palm Beach Autograph Signing Session Photos

The big story coming out of Tebow's Palm Beach autograph session was his helping a Gator propose to his girlfriend (and if you didn't hear about it, click here for the video).

But the happy couple weren't the only ones to enjoy themselves having their photo with Tebow. Below are a few of our favorite photos from the Palm Beach session ... and it wasn't only Tebow having all the fun this time.

(Check the lady's t-shirt: "My husband left me for this guy!")

Even though this woman seems unimpressed...

This was, apparently, the only woman saying "no" to a Tebow hug...

and you thought we were kidding.

And the dog gets the last laugh.

And to all the critics who have scoffed at the price tag, what seems like more fun? Having your photo with Tebow or taking the family to the movies? Seriously, having your photo with Tebow is cheaper and looks like a lot more fun (You know it's true, especially if you buy popcorn...).

There are currently no other sessions scheduled, but how about getting the guys at Palm Beach Autographs to work out a Tampa session in the future? If you're interested, let 'em know.

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