Thursday, March 18, 2010

Quotes of the Day

The always reliable Mike Bianchi gets not one but two great quotes from the Gators' pro day.

It may have been St. Patrick's Day everywhere else, but in Gainesville it was St. Timmy's Day. One fan held up a sign: "Timmy's eye black brightens our world." One 5th grade glass from Vero Beach was on a field trip to Tallahassee, but decided to stop by, bring boxed lunches into the stadium and cheer on Tebow.

"I think Tim Tebow's throwing motion looks great," said one of the students, 10-year-old Ty Harp. "I would draft him No. 1."

At this point, you half-expected ESPN draft analyst Todd McShay to take the kid's cookie and beat him up.

And the Florida Beat writers watch Tebow work out. Can you guess which one is Bianchi? Read his whole piece here.

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