Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tebow and the Jags

We went on record months ago saying we didn't really want Tebow to go to the Jags because we didn't think the Jags were in a position to utilize his talents.

But the story this morning stating that 55% of Jags season ticket holders don't want the Jags to draft Tebow, well, it made us kinda mad. What do you mean they don't want Tebow? Never mind that we hope he doesn't go dare they?

But, as we all know, polls can be skewed based on how a question is phrased. Did they ask ticket holders if they wanted to draft Tebow in the first round? or draft him at all?

And more to the point, are Jags ticket holders the right group to ask? How about all the people who would become ticket holders if the Jags draft Tebow but won't bother to go to Jags games if they don't. Because, quite frankly, we'll go see Tebow play if he's in JAX, but as Gators, we aren't if he's not. Will Tebow be able to fill the covered seats? Or will current ticket holders turn theirs in if they do draft him?

The Jags are in an unenviable position. If they don't draft Tebow and he becomes the NFL beast we suspect he will, then fans are going to be livid because they didn't draft him.

But if they do draft him, and he fails to develop as a winning QB a split is going to occur; on the one hand fans that wanted Tebow will blame management for not building a team around him, etc. and the fans that didn't want to draft Tebow will blame Tebow citing his throwing motion, etc.

Then there are the intangibles and the off-the-field Tebow. We all know that people were willing to fly in from around the country to get Tebow's autograph or have a photo with him. The proceeds raised from the autograph session are to help children in need in the Jacksonville area. Whoever drafts Tebow is going to get that guy too.

It is an imperfect comparison, but look at what New Orleans got when they aquired Drew Brees. Look at what he and his family have meant to the Saints and to the city of New Orleans.

A fair amount of the email we get from Tebow/Gator fans is that they hope that Tebow will be drafted by a team not only outside of Florida but also outside of the South. Their reasoning is that he already has an established platform in Florida, and throughout the South, and would like to see it extended to a national level.

The one thing we've learned though is don't bet against Tebow. Wherever he goes we have no doubt that he will make a big impact for good ... and wherever that is we'll be watching on Sundays/Mondays.

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