Monday, March 22, 2010

Tebow Autograph Session in Palm Beach

We have all heard how popular Tebow's first autograph session in Jax was ... and if you missed it you can attend his second in Palm Beach this coming Saturday. Below is an account of a fan meeting Tebow back in 2009 and another here of a fan who attended the Jax session. Based on their experiences our suggestions to fans is to get there early, be prepared to wait, but more importantly, like everyone else, don't worry about being nervous or tongue tied. Tebow seems to have that effect on people.

In April 2009, I had the fortunate experience of meeting Tim at a dinner held at UF. This event was a fundraiser to benefit Shand's Hospital & Uncle Dick's Orphanage. Growing up a big gator fan and later attending UF, I was incredibly excited to get the opportunity to meet Tim Tebow, star quarterback for my beloved football team.
Like everyone who has had this unique opportunity, I was completely mesmerized by this impressive 22 year old. It has always amazed me the effect he has had on so many people & meeting him myself I finally understood. He was intelligent, well spoken, sincere, engaging & most of all, simply real. He is every bit the amazing guy that all who meets him says he is. In today's world it is virtually unheard of to meet someone who is so well grounded, so true to their beliefs & who has their priorities in the right order that also happens to have such a star status. An incredible tribute to his parents.

Although, I left that evening wishing so badly for a "do over". Because for the brief time he sat at our table when I could manage to speak, I spoke about football & said silly things because I was so nervous. At the end of the evening, Tim gave a speech as to the reason for the evening and made it clear what he is most passionate about.... helping others. Although, it was not his intent, I felt incredibly small, that for a brief time all I could talk about with him was football and not what really matters in life. I did however leave that evening a better person for having had the opportunity to meet such an amazing guy who made me look at things a lot different.

Although I am still a fanatical football fan and the coming season will be a different atmosphere without him, I am grateful that this guy, Tim Tebow, amazing athlete and even more amazing person, represented the school I love for 4 great years. I look forward to watching his success at the next level & all the good he will bring to others lives.

Lori R.

For more info on the signing session click on the photo below. If you can't attend, but still want something signed, then you can arrange for something to be signed. And remember,Tim's proceeds go to the Tim Tebow Foundation.

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