Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Tebow Leap

We all know a picture is worth a thousand words. Scanning the stories of Tebow's post Combine performance, they all use the picture of Tebow's record tying vertical jump.

It's easy to guess why Tebow fans love this pic, but what is so funny is how mad this pic makes Tebow haters. It has made NFL types more angry than the pic of Tebow pushing little Boomer on the field. A number of NFL analysts and pundits have thrown the Combine tests under the bus saying something like "well, so what if he can jump? That doesn't mean he can play QB!"

SEC fans all knew Tebow could play but doubted that he was really a decent guy.

Now, NFL types know he's a decent guy but doubt if he can really play.

Funny how life is sometimes.

How much fun is Tebow's time in the NFL going to be?

Rock on Tebow! Rock on!

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