Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Tebow ran 3-cone drill in 6.66 seconds. Wink. Wink.

It's rare that you can post the contents of a fan message board thread. But the 49ers over at Niners Nation had a pun-ny good time of it. And there's always one that doesn't quite get it.

  • Tebow runs 3-cone drill in 6.66 seconds. Anybody else as amused by this as I am?
  • Excuse me for saying so But that's damned fast.
  • Although I’m sure he could run it a hell of a lot faster if he tried.
  • I heard that when he ran that time, the crowd reaction was pandemonium.
  • The crowd was so rambunctious that they actually had to delay the next set of drills while officials worked to quiet the infernal racket.
  • It was hard work, though, as many in the crowd found themselves in an uncontrollable state of rapture.
  • The other quarterbacks had a devil of a time trying to match that performance.
  • Tebow’s a regular speed demon.
  • One hell of a fast guy.
  • Tim Tebow is the devil. I'm out of puns.
  • I think I might be out of puns, too. I had, like, 15 or so of them, so that’s pretty good. I won’t give up, though.
  • I’d sell my soul to have Tebow’s talent.
  • Just further proof that Tebow is a beast.
  • Only three offensive players ran faster than Tebow's 6.66. That’s Apocalyptic !!
  • I just hope that scouts don’t weigh this too heavily when making their final judgment on Tebow.
  • Although I hear that some are already saying he’s a surefire bet to be the GOAT one day.
  • The 9th circle is reserved for QBs with elongated throwing motions.
  • What is a good time? Is this impressive for a QB or impressive for anyone or what?
  • I’m having trouble locating your humorous pun.
  • It was a question. I don’t know anything about 3-cone drill times. Sue me.
  • Although this was a heavenly time in the cone drill Tebow will still have a devilish time fixing his throwing motion.
  • I don't know if I would call his time in the cone drill heavenly...“Ungodly” seems somewhat more appropriate to my mind.
  • Draft him: Alex would probably love it if the niners drafted Tim; it would give some alleged niner fans someone else to use as their needed target.
  • I've always thought he had a bit of a devil-may-care attitude to him

And they get double points for the GOAT pun.

Entire thread here.

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