Thursday, March 4, 2010

Tim Tebow did not steal Darrell Waltrip's Car. But did Bizzaro Tebow?

If you haven't heard this, it is pretty funny.

The mystery started on Monday on Twitter. Mr. Boogity Boogity/3-time NASCAR Cup champ Darrell Waltrip sent out two cryptic tweets:

@AllWaltrip:Tim Tebow took my car last night , problem is I didn’t tell him he could , he took it by mistake , its 3 o’clock and he hasn’t returned it !3:52 p.m.

@AllWaltrip: got my car back , trying to get the rest of the story , thought about reporting it had been stolen , Tebow would have died if I had of ! 8:59 p.m.

Black Mercedes

Thus began the great Tim Tebow-Darrell Waltrip Car Caper.

The money quote: “Don’t leave your car unlocked. Because you never know what celebrity might take it.”

What we want to know is there a Gatorade connection?

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