Saturday, March 27, 2010

Weekend Recap

  • Remember, Tim Tebow is in Palm Beach today signing autographs. There will be a football toss, face painting, and even a "Tebow walk" in the style of the "Gator Walk." If you're in the area stop by and enjoy the fun even if you're not going to get something signed.

  • There was a tempest in a tea cup over Deonte Thompson's "real quarterback" quote regarding John Brantley and Tim Tebow. Before we all move on, this wouldn't have been news if Tim Tebow wasn't an enviable beast on the field and a good guy off, BUT it wouldn't be a story if Johnny B and the 2010 Gator football team wasn't a source of fear and awe for the rest of the SEC. Don't sweat it Gators.

  • Regarding the story that Bob Tebow thinks Tim will be drafted in the top 15 picks in the draft (and here too). Our gut tells us it was tongue in cheek, or somebody knows something. We'll all know on draft day.... does anyone else think that the "15" is an accurate appraisal? Is tongue-in-cheek? or just a favorite number?

  • Mike Florio and the "God Bless" police tire us out, God Bless 'em.

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