Friday, April 23, 2010

The Exceptionalism of Tim Tebow

Dan Shanoff has a good piece on the TimTeblog on Tebow "exceptionalism" and he starts the discussion off with our #TimTebowcant meme.

It is a day for a little Tebow triumphalism.

So many doubted that Tim Tebow would be -- or could be -- a 1st-round NFL Draft pick. Settled.

In fact, the most prescient analysis on the day of the draft came from the group of Tebow fans on Twitter who were contributing to the
#timtebowcant topic. It was a quick-hit history lesson on all of the things over the years that critics said Tebow "can't" do.

But rather than triumphalism, I want to talk about exceptionalism, because I think that is the phenomenon that best describes Tebow.

Full post here. (Link not working: Worth the read.

(And Dan, when do we get to hear about your meeting Tim Tebow?)

h/t SwamiGator for #TimTebowcant