Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Fire and Ice

We never saw a player like him at Florida, and NFL types are still trying to grapple with Tim Tebow. For them he's fire and ice. The following two quotes illustrate the great divide on Tebow as an NFL QB.

"All I know is 'It' is a factor and he has 'It,' " the first said. "He has mastered things off the field. Nowadays, that is a big hurdle that he doesn't have to worry about. I respect his college production. If you have an established quarterback, you can over-reach for him, even into the first round. Give him two or three years and he is your future.''

The second countered: "He is a top football player. He is not a top quarterback. You keep hearing things like toughness and leader but not so much about pure quarterbacking ability. If Tim Tebow goes in the first round, they are doing somebody that should have been in the first round an injustice.''

And click here for the quote from the Jags.

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