Friday, April 2, 2010

John Brantley is Gator

The story that a Bama couple named their kid Crimson Tide Redd reminded us of the movie Gator. Why? Because Gator's nemesis, of sorts, was Bama Mcall and Gator's girlfriend, Aggie Maybank. Sounds like the 2010 football season in the making.

And a word to the wise, if you are going to name your kid after the Crimson Tide, "Bama" is a much better way to go, boy or girl. (And if you want to see Burt Reynolds in his finest role as a Gator, click here.)

The Orange and Blue game is next weekend. Info and how to get free tickets for the game are here. Don't get stuck outside like last year.

And if you are in Hogtown, the Gators take on Vandy in baseball tonight and tomorrow. And you can get in free Friday night if you bring three cans.

And don't forget the Florida relays and Gator Softball against undefeated LSU this weekend too.

Go Gators!

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