Friday, April 23, 2010

Josh McDaniels and Tim Tebow

Quotes and more quotes by McDaniels and Tebow on Tebow going to the Broncos. Below are a couple to stir your curiosity, but click here for the whole lot.

McDaniels on whether Tebow's style fits the Broncos' system

"We stole a lot of (University of Florida's) plays maybe three or four years ago. They run a lot of different things. They ask their quarterback to do a lot. No college quarterback - or very few I should say - have run or done what we're going to do, or what other NFL teams do necessarily, because the game has spread out so much. There are so many different things going on right now in the college football game that maybe you don't see in the professional football league. What Tim has been asked to do - mentally, there is a lot of burden on him - same thing here. What he's been asked to do in terms of reading defenses and progressions and those types of things is similar to what he'll have to do in the National Football League. He's been well coached - I have a great deal of respect for (University of Florida Head) Coach (Urban) Meyer. I have a good relationship with (Meyer), known him for a long time and understand what (Tebow) has had to do and what he's had to learn. I don't really look at it and say, ‘His system doesn't fit our system.' No quarterback's does. I'm not really worried too much about it, I just know what he's been asked to do and what he's been able to accomplish in that system there. I won't deny that he doesn't give you an opportunity to create some un-gameplanned production, similar to (Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback) Ben Roethlisberger, or a (Washington Redskins quarterback) Donovan McNabb or someone like that where you draw the play up there on the board and all of the sudden it doesn't necessarily look as pretty as I thought it would but then he makes it work some other way - there is an element to his game like that."

On Josh McDaniels taking a chance on him

"I definitely want to repay Coach McDaniels for the faith he showed in me. I want to be a great quarterback, I want to pursue that. I've wanted to be a quarterback in the NFL for a great many years. That's my goal and has been my goal since I was 6 years old. I'm going to do whatever it takes to get there. I'm thankful to Coach McDaniels for having the strength and the voice in me, to choose me and to believe in me. I'm just thankful for that and obviously I do, for the next few years, repay him for what he did for me and believing in me. Just like it was when I was at Florida, my biggest thrill was doing things for Coach Meyer, winning championships and being able to help him. That's going to be my greatest joy in Denver is going to be to repay Coach McDaniels for believing in me. That's something that's always been very important to me, is my relationship with coaches. Our connection means more to me than anything else."

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