Thursday, April 8, 2010

Tebow is on the cover of 'NCAA Football 11'

ESPN has the story:

According to Tim Tebow, the best part about being the "NCAA Football 11" cover athlete isn't seeing his face plastered on the front window of every video game store in the country. It's the chance to play his favorite game before anyone else. "I've been playing this game since I was 6," Tebow told me during his photo shoot. "But they made so many big changes this year, I needed to find out the secrets before it came out."

And an excerpt to stir your curiosity:

Jon Robinson: Your success on the field at Florida led you to the cover of the video game. Is there a play you think back on that defines your career?

Tim Tebow: Oh man, I think it depends on who you ask. Some memories and moments stand out more for some people and they're different from others. I think people look at the jump pass or maybe the games against FSU.

Jon Robinson: When I think about your career, two things stick out: The jump pass and the time you got knocked out.

Tim Tebow: How does me getting knocked out stand out to you? [laughs]

Jon Robinson: To me, that's what makes football so popular. On one hand, you have the jump pass, the national championship and all its glory. On the other, there's that danger where any play could be your last.

Tim Tebow: I think what makes football so popular goes so much more beyond that. You're going to have injuries, danger and glory in every sport. What makes football unique is that every person on that team needs to count on everybody else. It's the ultimate team game and you have to depend on your coaches, you have to depend on your support staff, you have to depend on your teammates. There's not many sports where you have to do that. Think about the big sports. If you have a great pitcher in baseball, you don't have to have the best team to win. In basketball, if you have one great player, you have a chance to win just about any game. But in football, it doesn't matter. One single great player doesn't make anything for a team; it has to be a team. I think football is the greatest team sport there is because you have to depend on your brother next to you.

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