Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tebow makes final NFL visit today

The Dolphins traded two 2nd round picks with the Broncos for Brandon Marshall. What does this mean for Tebow? The Broncos seem to be very interested. But what is interesting is that pundits like Mike Florio are now talking Tebow's intangibles, i.e. leadership skills, as a draft plus.

With a receiver who has been a persistent headache for most of the past two years being finally shipped out of town, a guy who likely would never complain even if the practice balls were wrapped in razor wire.

Peter King of reports that quarterback Tim Tebow will visit the Broncos today. It will be Tebow's final pre-draft visit.

And as King points out, the presence of the 11th, 43rd, and 45th picks in the draft gives the Broncos a shot at getting both receiver Dez Bryant and Tebow.

To the extent that Bryant's red flags come from the lack of strong leadership in his life (and/or the shibacle that Deion Sanders helped create), Tebow could be exactly what Bryant needs.

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