Monday, April 26, 2010

Tebow's first goal to win respect of coaches and teammates

Mike Florio might be coming around to our point of view:

Tebow has a plan for winning the affection of the rest of the organization. "I'm going to have one goal and that goal is to earn the respect of my teammates and coaches," Tebow said. "That's the only goal I have. It's not to be the starting quarterback right now, it is to earn their respect, because when you earn respect from people, then they begin to like you, and then they believe in you, and then they begin to love you, and then you have a team that is united and cares about each other more than anything else.

"Then you go out there and you play for each other, you play for your coaches and you win championships."

Whether the last part happens remains to be seen. But we're not ready to bet against the Broncos, or against Tebow.

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