Thursday, April 8, 2010

Tebow,Tiger, and Nike

Now that we all know that both Tim Tebow and Tiger Woods officially endorse Nike, or are part of the Nike family, what do you think of the new Tiger Woods Nike ad? Do you like it?

Nike has never been shy about putting a view point forward, especially one that is in your face. But what does this mean for Tebow, now that he's a part of the Nike family?

Tebow has a great many fans who aren't Gators, who aren't even sports fans, because of what he stands for and, because unlike so many in the public sphere, Tebow hasn't "fallen" or disappointed his fans in being a role model.

Tiger now stands across that divide. But is witnessing Tiger's path to redemption as important or compelling as hopefully watching Tebow navigate the pros without falling prey to the same pitfalls that so many public figures and athletes now seem to stumble into?

It will be interesting to see how the Tebow-Nike relationship will unfold in light of the Tiger comeback story. Nike now has rights to the two most compelling stories in pro athletics at the moment. Will they merge? Or even collide?

We are all witnesses indeed.

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