Saturday, August 14, 2010

...and many happy returns!

Thanks to all of you who emailed us over the summer! We are very appreciative, and very humbled, by all your kind words and well wishes. But we were especially surprised and a little overwhelmed that so many of you wanted to keep "Tebow's Eye Black" going!

So, what better day than to kick off the return but on Tim Tebow's birthday. Happy Birthday Timmy!

So here's our "wishes" for this season as Gators and Tebroncos:

1. We'd like to not only see an all Orange & Blue SEC Championship Game on Dec 4, but we'd like to see both Tebow backup QBs to play in the game. Such a game would mean that the Gators would beat Bama in Tuscaloosa but also that Auburn would beat Bama as well. Awww, how sweet would that be?! And if such a thing were to happen, we bet Timmy T. would be as happy then as he was to see Cam Newton truck Tennessee Tebow style.

2. We'd like to see Tebow have the same kind of season as a rookie that he did as freshman. If not, we'd at least like to see him score one on Sept. 12 against the Jags, because we are sooo there!

3. Do you think we'll see Tebow get any snaps against the Bengals Sunday night? We sure hope so!

We've got a new twitter page: @Tebow15Broncos So come follow us there.

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We're not sure how to keep the game day eye black going, so if you have any ideas or suggestions, please email us or post it on the Facebook wall!

Go Gators! Go Tebroncos!

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