Friday, August 27, 2010

The Atlantic and Tebow

It is kind of funny that The Atlantic discusses Tebow's role as a QB in training under it's culture heading. They also don't seem to know his personality of character very well, which is understandable, but is still funny to see them comment. One thing Tebow has proven is that he has lived the life less ordinary.

However, when Denver drafted Tebow, they brought the circus to town. The guy's popularity is ridiculous. His jersey is already one of the top ten most-purchased in the NFL, and you'll find people all around Denver wearing the name and number of their backup quarterback. Reporters from Denver to Gainesville and everywhere in between are going to be watching his every move. The minute Kyle Orton struggles, there will be calls to insert Tebow into the lineup. Tebow himself may be humble and willing to bide his time, but distractions and the outside pressure to play him will be intense. I just don't think that's a good environment for slow and steady quarterback development.