Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Gator Nation is Everywhere!

The Washington Post has a profile story on Craig Fugate, FEMA Administrator and "HUGE Gator fan."

9.) Fugate, 51, was born at Jacksonville Naval Air Station. His mother died when he was 11; his father, a Navy veteran, died when he was 16.

7.) He joined the Alachua County Fire Rescue Squad right after high school. Though he attended a community college and the Florida State Fire College, he does not have a college degree.

5.) Fugate is a HUGE Florida Gators fan. His office includes a big Gators blanket, caps, and a Russian doll set painted with the faces and uniforms of Gators players. Aides discovered the dolls when they were with Fugate on an official trip to Russia earlier this year. "I always root for the Gators, the SEC East and the SEC West as a whole. And anybody else from Florida."

And click here for the story on how FEMA has changed since Katrina.