Sunday, August 22, 2010

In loving memory

We've struggled for a few days trying to figure out what we wanted to write, or what we should or even try to say today about the five lost 20 years ago now. But the memories and all the emotions have flooded back, and, well, it's been surprisingly overwhelming.

To their families and loved one's, we'd like to say that they did not die in vain. Because there are those of us who remember not only them but you too throughout all these years. And we know painfully all too well that it could have been us instead of them. Because of this we have endeavored to live life more fully and gratefully because they could not.

Please know that throughout the years, when faced with challenges and even our own losses and grief, that you, the surviving families, have been a source of inspiration to many of us in our private moments of darkness and pain. Because you have endured, we know that it is possible for us to endure and carry on as well. So thank you.

Our continuing prayer for you all is that God keep you and bless you until you may be joyfully reunited.

(We'll be back on Tuesday.)