Friday, August 20, 2010

Is Tim Tebow Reckless?

That is the question alot of NFL commentators are now asking about Tebow. Do you think he is? The body can take only so many hits. Was it worth it to take a hit in a preseason game for a TD that wouldn't win the game? Or was it necessary to build confidence among his teammates? Can Tebow realistically bulldoze his way into the endzone, week after week, like in college? Probably not, but what realistically will his running game evolve into? It's all wait and see.

Rookie quarterback Tim Tebow misses yet another practice with the Denver Broncos. This is the second consecutive practice that Tebow has missed since sustaining an injury to his ribs in Sunday’s exhibition game against the Cincinnati Bengals. While the reason he hasn’t been participating in practices and may not play in the home opener this weekend, the Denver Broncos are not releasing any type of official information relevant to Tebow’s issue; however, it’s safe for us all to assume it’s from the hit in Sunday’s exhibition game.

Drafted out of Florida, Tebow did participate in Tuesday’s two-a-days but didn’t fully participate in practice. Then, Tebow attempted to take field for practice on Wednesday but after doing a short walk around, he spoke with the team’s trainers and soon after went off the field to not return. Thursday’s practice, which Tebow did not participate in, was the last practice of the Bronco’s training camp.

Since he didn’t participate in two straight practices with the Denver Broncos, he may be ineligible to participate in the preseason home opener for the Broncos against the Detroit Lions.

However, he may out longer than just the preseason home opener if he doesn’t change his running style. Various media sources say that if he doesn’t change his running style, the NFL will take him for what he has and it won’t end on a good note for Tebow. What do you think about Tebow’s future success as a quarterback – do you think he has what it takes or do you think he needs to own up and change his running style a bit to keep from sustaining injury after injury this season?

Tim Tebow is not the only one missing practice with the Denver Broncos though as wide receiver Brand Stokely, cornerback Champ Bailey, as well as tight end Daniel Graham also missed practiced Thursday.

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