Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tebow, best performing rookie QB in week 1

It's only week one, sure, but the numbers don't lie. Tebow had the best game of all rookie QBs in week one.

For all those Tim Tebow bashers out there, and there are a lot of you for reasons still inexplicable, this news flash: The former University of Florida star and college football Golden Boy, despite his well-documented mechanical deficiencies, still was the best rookie quarterback on the field leaguewide during the inaugural weekend of preseason play.

At least from a numbers and composure standpoint.

The Broncos' first-round draft pick, and latter day Friar Tuck lookalike (we'll assume that, unless you live in a cave, you caught a glimpse of the hazing-induced coif that has since been clipped), completed 8 of 13 passes for 105 yards, no touchdowns, no interceptions, and a passer rating of 87.0 against Cincinnati. He also rushed twice for 10 yards, including a 7-yard touchdown run.

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