Sunday, September 12, 2010

David Nelson and Putnam City West

Former Gator and Buffalo Bill David Nelson is working to help the Putnam City West H.S. football team.

The team is not only in need of equipment, water bottles, cleats, and the usual things a team needs, but the school also helps provide food for its players. The following link is more about their story.

Faith and Football: Hunger an Issue for PC West

Help a Gator help some kids in real need. Don't just believe in hope, be hope for these kids. However small your donation may be, if we all do something small things become great things.

David and his dad have set up a Paypal account for donations which he and his dad will administer.

Click here to donate.

Or if you want to send a donation directly to the school, you can with the following address.

John Jensen (Coach)/PC West

8500 NW 23rd

Oklahoma City, OK 73127