Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Broncos don't plan to use Tebow on short yardage plays

For all the problems the Broncos continue to have with their running game, particularly near the goal line, coach Josh McDaniels made one thing clear Monday: Tim Tebow is not the solution.
"We're not going to do that in short yardage," McDaniels said. "People who mention that, I don't know, that's ridiculous."

Forgive us if we are ignorant college football fans and don't really understand the pro game as much as we should, but isn't the whole point of a player like Tebow in the short yardage/red zone scenario is that he is a dual threat QB and not just a back trying to bulldoze it through?  

After watching Tebow do it as a back up in '06, and watching Trey Burton do it again Saturday, and then watching Mike Vick tear apart the Jags, why is this option "ridiculous" in Denver?

Seriously, if we are missing  something, please email us and set us straight.  If Tim is stinking up practice, that is one thing.  But why draft a dual threat QB if you're not going to use him as a dual threat QB?  Because Orton may be getting it down field, but he and his receivers are not getting it in the end zone.

The silver lining in this scenario is that as a result Tebow won't be taking a pounding as a short yardage battering ram which would lead to him being healthier when he does start and could ultimately aid in his longevity as a player.  (Find a silver lining Tebow fans!)

And for what it's worth, click the photo to vote in the Tebow poll at the Denver Post.

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