Sunday, September 26, 2010

Gators and Kentucky 2010

The Kentucky game usually isn't an exciting game, but boy was yesterday's!  And not in a nail biter kind of way.

This time last year the Gator Nation was waiting to hear  if Tim Tebow would recover from his concussion to play again, ever,  much less against LSU.  Little did we know that one year later the Gator Nation would proudly witness Tim Tebow's single game TD record of 5 TDs broken by a Gator Freshman!

And if you don't know much about Trey Burton, here's a story done a little over a week ago that should make a few of you Tebow fans very happy:

Trey Burton is not accusing former Gators quarterback Tim Tebow of stealing his idea, but Burton believes he was wearing Bible verses on his eye black first.

Burton was an emerging star as a freshman safety at Venice High School when he started scrawling "Phil. 4:13" on his eye black before games. He kept doing it after he moved to quarterback his final three seasons, mixing in other verses depending on what passages he read that week .

"My favorite one - actually before Tebow made it famous - was Philippians 4:13," Burton said, referencing the verse that says Christ empowers believers to accomplish all things. "There's a whole bunch, but that was my favorite one. "

The eye-black evangelism is one of many similarities between Burton, a freshman, and Tebow, the departed superstar: outspoken about faith, bulldozer ball-carriers and men who make Gators coach Urban Meyer's voice gush with adoration when he talks about them.

Burton and Tebow even arrived at roughly the same size. Burton showed up in January at 6-foot-2, 212 pounds - an inch shorter and 7 pounds lighter than Tebow was in 2006.

But Burton is not the next Tebow. He is not the next anybody. Listed as quarterback John Brantley's backup, he has also lined up at fullback, tight end, receiver and on kickoff coverage. As Florida's wildcat quarterback, Burton has four carries for 11 yards and a touchdown.

Again, that 11 yds and a touchdown is now SIX in one game.  If this is what the Gators do to a team that tackled Tim Tebow into a teammate's knee, giving him a concussion, then we can't wait to see what the Gators do to a team that made our boy cry.

Trey Burton's dad is not a minister, if you know what we mean, and that's okay, because records are made to be broken...because if Burton manages to keep playing like he did last night, it'll be inevitable, again.

And the Bull Gator gets the last word.  Click the photo for his caption to this photo.