Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tebow and future game planning

Like alot of Tebow fans we were excited to see Tim as the number 2 QB for the Broncos-Jags game, but wished we had seen him in more than three plays.

Asked if Tim will see more snaps substituting for Orton, McDaniels said,

"I don't think I have any desire to do that with Kyle coming off the field, coming on the field, coming off. I don't think that's really something that we're looking to do much of. Like I said yesterday after the game, I think our quarterback played pretty well. I think he will play well. [I have] great confidence in his ability to execute what we're doing."

But how much stock do we put in what coaches say? Hard to say. Why telegraph your game plan, especially if you have a specialty player in a QB. On the other hand why disrupt the rhythm of your starting QB? It's hard to take anything said too seriously.

Sorry, but we're just not into parsing everything coaches say and prognosticating what might be. We have a wait and see policy, and that may just well be what Tebow's rookie season may be all about. Waiting to see how it goes, week to week.