Friday, September 24, 2010

Tebow at Kentucky

Do you remember this moment?  It was just minutes before Tim Tebow was knocked out suffering a concussion in the Florida Kentucky game last year.
Dan Shanoff, over at, has an interesting post regarding the differences in this week and the game last week.  Particularly his thinking that Tebow must have been paralyzed and feeling a strange relief that it was only a concussion.

Previous to that moment Tebow was "Superman." One of the seemingly indestructible players in college ball.  But in a moment we all saw that despite his strength he was human like the rest of us.

With the benefit of hindsight we believe that the concussion was a sort of blessing in disguise in terms of safeguarding Tim's public image.  Like all of us, Tim Tebow is human, and even though we don't know what all they are,  he must be  riddled with flaws and idiosyncrasies like the rest of us.  We live at a time where heroes are built up and torn down.  As Tebow fans, and as Christians, we don't want to see that happen in Tebow's case and having a realistic sense of who Tim Tebow is as a person and a man is far more important than thinking of him as some sort of ideal athlete or even Christian.

It will be interesting to see what the Tebow documentary will reveal when it is finished.  We just hope a lot  of Tebow fans will like the real man as much as the one they think they know, and expect, but perhaps do not.