Thursday, September 9, 2010

Tim Tebow Documentary

If you haven't seen the trailer for the Tim Tebow Documentary, head on over to and have a look, because it looks great.

Alot of the footage you already know; the Sugar Bowl, the Senior Bowl, the Gatorade egg, and Tim helping a guy propose to his girlfriend at one of his autograph signings. But the most interesting footage is, of course, the behind the scenes.

The most revealing scene from the trailer is perhaps how aggressive Tim was in talking to potential GMs or franchises.

"If you want to draft me, then draft me. If you want to recruit me and think I'm going to be a quarterback, then I will be. If not, don't talk to me...because I want someone who believes in me and believes I'm good at what I do."

For those critics who think that Tim is, or was, just a naive boy who did what his parents told him, or just thinks what they tell him, think again. It is quite clear that he is his own man.

And kudos to Peter Tebow for wearing a Florida sweat shirt to such a somber meeting. Go Gators!

It is unsurprising that Tim Tebow could push a SUV, or even would, for training. But can you imagine driving by and thinking, "what's going on here?" and then realizing that Tim Tebow is pushing an SUV down the road. Imagine being one of the drivers in the car or truck below.

Or coming out your front door only to find Tim Tebow pushing an SUV past the house.

"Hey, mom! Tim Tebow's outside!" "Hush and come back in here!"
It had to have happened. You know it did.

This may be one of our other potential favorites, and that's Robby Tebow getting the last word over Todd McShay. The caption is Robby's answer to how may people will McShay draft, and that would be zero. But we'd also think that this is the answer to how many times McShay could take Robby in an infinite number of matches.

And we get to see Tebow box. Speechless.

Finally, this is what we, and hopefully the rest of you, like to refer to as #timtebowcant or how Tim Tebow beats the odds yet again.