Saturday, October 9, 2010

Danny Wuerffel returns to UF

From Pat Dooley and the Gainesville Sun

Five years ago, Danny Wuerffel (legend, TV pitchman) was on the field before a game with one of the kids from the Desire Street Academy imploring Gator fans to help his mission after it was devastated by Hurricane Katrina.

On Saturday night, Wuerffel will be back on the field to say thank you. This time he hoped to have a pair of Desire Street Academy graduates with him but Lavar Edwards and Deangelo Peterson are busy.
They play for LSU.

“I’ll have two Desire graduates with me but I was hoping to have those two guys as well,” Wuerffel told me this week. “I don’t think Les Miles is going to let me.”

No, they’re too busy in the pre-game listening to Miles present his theories on clock management.
Leave it to Danny to let us know there are things more important than the results of football games.

Go Gators!