Monday, October 25, 2010

Tebow and the Broncos

And we thought last season was the "season of the weird."

A year ago did you think that both Florida and Georgia would be meeting as unranked teams?  Probably not.

Which brings us to yesterday's Broncos-Raiders game.  Did you ever think that you would not see a first round draft pick back up QB get some playing time in such a lop-sided defeat?  We missed the game because we were flying back to Gainesville.  Got home late Sunday night, saw the score and thought "well, maybe there will be some Tebow  highlights..."  Had very mixed feelings when the realization that he didn't play sunk in.

Throughout this season we were beginning to think that we didn't quite get pro ball because we are first and foremost college football fans.  But, apparently, we aren't alone:

In the fourth quarter, when only a few thousand masochists were left in a 75,000-seat stadium, McDaniels could have given the die-hards one reason to cheer by inserting Tebow at quarterback. McDaniels never made the move. Stubborn and stupid is no way to go through life.

"That's not really the time that I'd want (Tebow) to get work," said McDaniels, explaining why Orton played to the bitter end, at a time when the only dramatic thing Orton could have done was get injured during the final minutes of a blowout.

 "Stubborn and stupid is no way to go through life."  Those are some very harsh words.  

Sorry, but we have no words of wisdom today.  Some times it is better to just say nothing.